bigbbong asked: "♟?"

♟ - is there any famous person that follows you?

im not sure if they are considered popular all over tumblr but in the bigbang fandom, i would say, bigbbong (you), bingubiigbang, jiliriousdreamertechie, myhusbandisabingu, bigbangmyheaven. 

i think these are pretty popular according to me haha. they have amazing edits and gifs

  1. bigbangmyheaven said: OMG SIAI
  2. bingubiigbang said: You are so sweet! *blushing*
  3. bigbbong said: *^* you’re so cute and i love all the people you quoted!
  4. tabi-dreamer said: naww thank you!
  5. tranci said: -EXPLODES- WOW YOU’RE GREAT ILU
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